Refreshing Your Hallway For Spring

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Style

If you are thinking of giving your home a bit of a spruce up this spring, it can always be a good idea to start from the front of the house and work your way backwards. The entryway of the home is always the first thing you see when you enter the house, and it is what will give people an impression of your home as soon as they walk inside. Let’s take a look today for ways which we can change this drab and dull hallway and upgrade it for the spring.



  1. Make a feature


One great way to maximise the space in your hallway as well as creating a stunning space for people as they enter the home is to make a feature out of your coat rack. Most of us have a place to hang coats and place shoes in the hallway, and there is no reason why this area should be dull and boring. Create a fun little nook in the wall which is painted a bright colour, or add a fun patterned wallpaper to the area. It will instantly add some depth and fun to the space and entice people in.


  1. Add one patterned wall


Most of us don’t have the biggest space to work with in our hallway and this is likely the reason why we take the space for granted when we redecorate. One of the best ways we can add some fun to the hallway could actually be to choose one of the walls and cover it with a bright and patterned wallpaper. It might sound crazy at first however doing this can being a whole new dimension to your home and it will make the space feel more fun and quirky right away.


  1. Use a runner


One of the easy ways which you can add some depth to the design of your hallway could be to add a runner to the space and let this runner take your from the front door to the next room and also up the stairs to meet the next story of the house. It is important to choose a runner which is able to cope with a lot of footfall such as a tufted carpet which is thick and sturdy enough to handle a lot of people walking on it each day.



  1. Make a theme


If you really want your hallway to be a stunning part of the house you will want to do things which will make it look and feel like a whole world of its own. Creating a theme for your hallway design such as a woodland theme can be great because you can then use fake leaves and acorns, fairy lights, animal artwork and a small bush or tree to create a scene and put across a calming atmosphere. Think of what you want people to feel when they step through the front door and this can make all the difference.


  1. Give them a reason to stop


The one thing which our hallways all have in common is that most people won’t stop to take in the scenery as they go. A hallway is usually just a means to get from one place to another and this is why many of us forget about this element of the home. However we can use a photo collage on the wall or a feature such as a fish tank to keep people in the space and give them something to talk about.


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