Secret Spots Worth Visiting In London

by Feb 14, 2019Travel

London is a great city, and if you live in the UK, you’ve probably been here at least once in your life. Even for tourists, London is a major hotspot, and it is definitely one of those places that is at the top of everyone’s bucket list. However, the major tourist haunts just aren’t fun anymore, and getting pushed around by a bunch of people in Oxford Circus – who are trying to take pictures of London buses – is just getting annoying. There are some spots worth visiting that aren’t as popular, however, but are actually just as great, and we’ve noted some of them down here!


Frank’s, Peckham

If you’ve ever seen those photographs of people in that bright pink stairwell, then you’ve already had a little insight into the hidden gem that is Frank’s. It’s a bit rough around the edges – and you should definitely go to the toilet before you go, rather than whilst you’re there – but it really is a unique venue. The pink stairwells are just the beginning for this arty haven, and the views that you get over London from this rooftop bar are absolutely unbeatable. Why pay an arm and a leg to go up The Shard, when you could just make your way to this South London star? Be cautious, however, as it is only open during the summer. You can thank us later.


The Sky Garden, Monument

OK, so The Sky Garden isn’t really a secret anymore. However, if you’re in that part of London – you know, the part that needs a little bit of bird control, and maybe some human control, too (sorry) – then this place is definitely worth a visit for the gardens alone. It truly is beautiful, and you can get some nice (albeit pretty expensive) cocktails and meals up here, but there is one major benefit to this place. Just like Frank’s, this is free entry, so you’re saving yourself a little bit of cash that you can justify spending on a cocktail. You can see the whole of London from here, and it just looks stunning, so book some tickets!


Kew Gardens, Richmond

Whilst most tourists come to London with the intention of staying safely in zone 1 (which is fair enough if you’re a little bit cautious to go any further), there are so many hidden gems further out of the chaos. Sure, most people know what Kew Gardens is, but very few people go out of their way to visit this place. It is home to over 30,000 species of plants, and there are many conservatories and glasshouses just bursting with the most wonderful wildlife that nature has to offer. If you’re heading over here, it is definitely worth having a walk around Richmond, as this place is also beautiful (and very posh, too).


So, if you’re looking to take a trip to London, but you want to go somewhere a little bit off the radar, why not try out these great places? You won’t be surrounded by tourists (or pigeons), but you will get to see the greatest views of the city, and some other awe-inspiring sights!


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