The 6 Most Culturally Interesting Places To Live

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Life

When it comes to choosing a new place to live, the overwhelming choice at your fingertips can lead to hesitation. Moving somewhere new is a large and significant undertaking, and feeling as though you chose the wrong spot can be very upsetting. Of course, many factors may be in play for someone looking to move. Either better job prospects, the idea of a better standard of living, or general love for the new location can all come in to play. This final consideration is likely the most important, at least from our eyes.


Living somewhere culturally and historically interesting is one of the best ways to delve deep into your new move. It can make a new location feel like an adventure, as opposed to moving to a corporate and cultureless city. It will put you in touch with locals you will be happy you met, and experience food you can only imagine the beauty of.


For culture lovers, we have collected the six most interesting cultural places to live. We hope that if you choose to move to one of these places, you enjoy a beautiful and connected new life.



Spanish history is a history of immense interest. The Kingdom of Spain is the penultimate biggest country in the EU. One a very fragmented kingdom with many different languages, Spain began the unification process in the 15th century. As a result, many regional accents and dialects remain, but only to the trained ear. The storied history of Europe is incomplete without Spain, as they boast a popular forty seven million strong in number. Spanish is considered the third largest language in the world past Mandarin and English.


Those who enjoy passion, beautiful weather, fragrant food and general relaxed attitudes will enjoy Spain more than any other. The people there are wonderful, and enjoy connection and relaxation over hungry for-profit motivations. Walking down the side streets in beautiful towns such as Andalusia or the Costa Del Sol stretch will connect you with relaxing citizens outside of cafe’s, beautiful street foods and artisan wines. Spain also has a thriving dance and drama industry, and some excellent and talented modern artists. If you’re looking for somewhere to thrive, celebrate, and experience life at a different pace, Spain could be your number one.



Malaysia is one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the world. Buying property in Malaysia is easy, as a much more involved and invested in property market is currently booming. More and more tourists are heading to Malaysia, and for good reason. The people are friendly and comforting, and most all of them speak English.

This is the kicker for most people, as many find it overwhelming to become known and able in a country they must learn the language of. Here you can focus on your visit and stay abroad, while learning the language as you settle in.


While Malaysia is hot and has beautiful weather, it’s not susceptible to scorching temperatures such as those found in Spain. Plus the tropical environment means moisture is not lacking, so even the worst days from a temperature perspective are breathable and natural. Malaysia is a cost effective place to live as well, especially if you’re moving from a first world country.


But the real culture lies in the art, the food and the sports. These three considerations are enough to keep anyone occupied for several lifetimes. Some of the greatest minds in the world settle in Malaysia, as evidenced by the architecture. Although it would be a mistake to consider Malaysia part of an underdeveloped network of countries. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Malacca City offer some of the most geographically rich and beautiful environments to explore, without losing the corporate accessibility of a major city.



Of course, France needed to be on this list. A culture of revolutions, arguably the best food in the world, and the most dedicated and experimental approach to modern art resides here. French people are usually very liberal also, meaning they accept a wide variety of lifestyles and peoples.


The French are also very positive around body confidence and sexual depictions, making the art and ‘passion culture’ one to be envied. France as a nation could be considered the most mature in Europe, at least from an artistic perspective. If you enjoy art, food, wine, theatre, philosophy, filmmaking, music or all of the above, France should be your next stop.


We’d recommend finding areas such as Provence and Gascony, as house prices there are competitive and located in relatively unspoiled environments.



You might have noticed that this list is relatively Europe heavy, and for good reason. Europe and Asia have some of the most diverse histories. English history is a history of tremendous importance on the global scale. Of course, there is much of interest to explore and feel perfectly stimulated by in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but we’d argue England tops the list in pure cultural interest. Depending on your historical leanings, English regions such as Yorkshire and the Midlands can trace their origins back to Viking towns. Castles such as Warwick and Lancashire serve as a relic of a bygone era, and signify a lost time.


England takes pride in its history and preserves many trusts, investment opportunities and other such considerations for those visiting. For example, The Tower of London, London Bridge and The Royal Armouries in Leeds serve as a connected trio of historical buildings dedicated to the preservation of time honored military and societal significance.


The time to join England might be limited depending on the sovereignty rules Brexit allows for. However, if you have the determination and time sensitivity, moving to England could be one of the best opportunities yet, especially if you understand the tremendous importance of her culture on the global scale.


With these countries and wonderful populations, you are sure to experience a cultural delight in moving somewhere with plenty of historical depth.

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