The Digital Evolution of Speculating to Accumulate

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Business

Running a company can be an all-consuming venture, you’re constantly thinking about the latest trends in your industry and how your finances are matching up. Taking the time to evaluate some of the vital parts of your business and see what you could be doing better is always going to be worth your time, so long as you apply what you find out in a sensible way. Here we will look at one of the ways you can save money on certain aspects of your work so that you can invest it longer term. Think of this as less asset relocation and more of a resource utilization strategy.




One thing that you will have been told you must do is speculate to accumulate, and to an extent that is an accurate thing to say. However, with the growth of digital marketing in the last ten to fifteen years it could be said that the saying has changed its meaning. Nowadays, you can market your business to a vast number of people for a lot less expenditure. But you will be spending time on perfecting your advertising plan. The way to spend less money but reach more people is through search engine optimization (SEO)and social media marketing.


In a nutshell, SEO is the practice of making your website more visible online. Search engines use an algorithm to determine what websites should show up in their results and in what order. By optimizing your website or web page for this algorithm you will make sure that you will appear higher in the unpaid rankings, which you want to do. Now, as we are talking about money it is only fair to concede that there are specialists in this field who charge a handsome rate for their skills. However, you can learn SEO yourself or your staff can work on this project.



One tip for SEO is to perfect your keywords. These are the words and phrases that Google and co are looking for on your web page when the product you sell or the topic you write about is searched for. There are plenty of free or low priced keyword tools online, including one from the search engine master itself.


Social media, as mentioned above, is another way of saving money on your marketing budget. Many companies overspend when it comes to advertising, so that is why we are looking at ways you can cut back on that. Rather than paying a marketing team to come up with an expensive campaign, you should be promoting yourself through the right social media channels with high-quality content – also important for SEO – and targeted posts.


One of the essential things to bear in mind before you open up accounts across the free social media landscape is, they won’t all be relevant to your business. Social networks just like everyone else have a target market and users so researching beforehand where your customer base is likely to be will stop you wasting time elsewhere.


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