The Power Of Happy Employees

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Business

The one thing that all employment experts agree on is that happy employees are more productive.  It is important that businesses reach their production targets if they are to remain successful, and more employers are coming to realise that keeping their employees happy is the key.

Happy Is Creative

Staff who are happy are more likely to be creative. This does not mean they will turn out better pieces of art, but that they are more able to solve problems and to come up with ideas that can help the business. This is because feeling happy helps to create space in our brains, which it then uses for other things, such as problem-solving.

Happy Is Accurate

The work turned out by happy people will be more accurate and of a higher standard. It has even been shown in some research, that doctors who are in a good mood make a more accurate diagnosis.

Happy Employees Stay

Happy employees stay in their jobs, and this saves you the cost and hassle of having to replace them. Even when you have replaced someone you then have to spend time training him or her in the way you work, so keeping your existing employees happy is far better.



Happy is Cheaper

Happy employees take fewer sick days; so save you the costs of having to replace them while they are off.

There are many other advantages of having happy employees, but what you may be asking is how do you make sure they feel this way?


Employees like to know their efforts are appreciated. A simple thank you can mean a lot, but you could also consider a bonus if they reach a target within a certain time, or maybe a special event to thank them all. Booking entertainment for your corporate parties can be easy, as there is a lot of choices available. That means you have no excuse not to give your employees a good time and keep them happy working for you.

Working Together

Don’t have a ‘you and them’ attitude at your business. If they are busy help them with the work, as that fosters a feeling of teamwork, and that they are working with you rather than for you.

Have an open door policy and listen to whatever they have to say. It could be that something is wrong in the workplace, or that they have an idea that will improve your products or production. At the very least, let them know that you will be considering what they have told you.

Then there are some fairly simple things that really are common sense. Make sure your workplace is well lit. Natural lighting is the best, but have LED lights if you do not have much of it. Keep the temperature comfortable at all times of the year. If your workers get too hot or too cold they will be more concerned about sorting themselves out than the work they should be doing.

Ensure they take their designated breaks. They should move away from their workstation, preferably to a rest area. They need these breaks to get through the day, and will work better after each one.

If you keep your employees happy you will find that you are happier too. Your work environment will be nicer to be in and the business is much more likely to thrive.


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