The Time Savers Ever Solopreneur Needs To Know About

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Business

When you’re working for yourself, you’re a wearer of many hats. You’re no longer just the writer or the marketer or the designer. You’re also the boss, you’re finance and sales, you’re admin and customer service. You’re also the cleaner and the marketing department. And it’s exhausting. Your to-do list is never ending and you never quite feel on top of everything. Which is no surprise, because you’re trying to do the impossible – ‘it all’. Now, when it comes to business, smart entrepreneurs know how to change this. They know what will find them success. And it’s asking for help. Because stretching yourself thin and doing work that you’re not all that great at anyway, is never going to be good for business. Plus, you need your time back. You need to be able to focus on the areas that matter. So let’s consider some key time savers that could change solopreneur life as you know it.


  1. Hiring An Assistant


First of all, one of the best things you can do here is to hire a personal assistant. And this doesn’t have to be someone that actually comes to work in-house with you. You can hire an assistant virtually so that they are working from wherever they are based, and you can outsource your admin tasks to them. If you know that you spend a lot of time on this, getting an assistant can feel like a huge help.


  1. Outsourcing Specialist Areas To Experts


As a step on from that, you might also want to consider hiring experts to help you out. If you know that you’re struggling to certain specialist areas of the business and it’s taking up too much of your time, leave it to the experts. From a marketing consultant to remote IT support to a sales specialist, this can cover off anything. Even an accountant! So hire someone that can do this for you, save you time, and money too.


  1. Using Software & Systems


Then next thing that you might want to consider here, is sticking to the best possible systems and using software to help you. In this day and age, you really don’t have to do anything manually. There is always going to be some kind of app or software that can speed things up for you. From social media scheduling to accounting. And not only that but if you put systems in place for quick ways to do things, you’ll save more time too.


  1. Prioritizing


And finally, something that you must really commit to working on, is prioritizing. Because if you’re focusing on tasks that aren’t leading anywhere – or that are not in the best interest of your goals and growth, then you’re going to struggle. Instead, you need to be able to know what’s important, focus on that, and either leave the rest to last, get someone else to do it, or strike it off of your to-do list altogether. This will always save you time and make you your most efficient self.



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