Thinking of Hiring Out Your Land? Read This First

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Business

When you’ve got property or a significant amount of land, a great way of making a profitable return on it is by hiring it out for events. However, with hiring out your property comes more responsibility than you may think, so if you’re thinking of hiring out your land, check out this advice first!



You will need a security team

Whether you’re hosting a black tie event or your land is going to be used for a concert, you will need to think about hiring a security team. Regardless of whether there’s anything to ‘steal’, there is still a chance that guests could cause damage to your land or property. Not only that, when alcohol is involved on your premises there is always a chance that things could get out of control. Hiring a security team to keep things in check will help reduce the chances of this happening, and also help resolve any problems should they arise.


Make it clear to guests sections that are off bounds

There may be areas of your property that you don’t want guests to enter, or perhaps you want to provide your customers with the opportunity to block off certain areas of your land. Either way, safety barriers help control public crowds and help establish where people on your land can and cannot go. Providing this to people hiring your land or property will be a welcome bonus!


Look into insurance

When anybody enters your land or property, they immediately become something that you have to worry about. If someone hurts themselves or worse on your land, you could be liable to charges. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re insured to have a vast amount of people on your property so that if the worst does happen, you’re not liable.


It may also be a good idea to have signs posted with safety guidelines to ensure that anybody visiting can stay as safe as possible. This includes no climbing or no running signs to prevent accidents from happening.


Protect yourself from damage

As we mentioned, if alcohol is going to be consumed on your property then there’s always a chance that things could get out of control. It’s in your best interest to install security cameras so that if your land, property, or another person is harmed in any way, you’ve got video evidence so that you’re able to claim against the person at fault.


Installing security codes on doors for rooms you don’t want people to enter will also help prevent people from wandering into the wrong place!


There’s more to think about than you may think when hiring out your land, so take this advice into consideration so that you can do it the right way!


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