Three Things We All Think When Clothes Shopping

by Jun 2, 2017Guest Post, Life

Whether you’re perusing for the fun of it or just on the lookout for one special outfit, clothes shopping is something we all have to do. It’s also, usefully, something that most of us want to do. There’s nothing like browsing in a store or clicking through online sites, putting together outfits and thinking about our personal style


… That is until the reality starts to crash in. A successful shopping trip is always welcome, but it’s also – if we’re honest – pretty rare. That’s why you’ll probably recognise some of the thoughts below; the moments we all have while shopping that can make us wonder why we even bother in the first place.


“What is going on with these sizes?”


Ah, size differentiations: they make life difficult for no good reason at all. What began as ‘vanity sizing’ (i.e. labelling clothes a size smaller than they are so as to make people feel good about their figure) has turned into a wild free-for-all when it comes to sizing. It’s perfectly possible to be a size 10 in one store and a size 16 in another. Why can’t they all be standardised and save us all a lot of bother? There are plenty of ways to boost your vanity that don’t include having to buy everything in three sizes to see which fits best!


“Who decides these prices?”


You’re on the hunt for a pair of shoes; let’s say a nude pair of court shoes because everyone should have at least one pair of nude courts. They go with everything. If you don’t have some, get some.


Anyway, you’re on the hunt for a new pair: you’ve been consulting articles like How To Look Your Best For Less and, as a result, you know the exact look that you’re going for. You don’t need advice anymore – you’ve done that bit – you just need to find something that works for you, at a price you can afford. So you try a few sites and quickly realise that… these prices… make no sense whatsoever. The materials can be identical, the shoes a perfect dupe for one another, but the price difference can be as much as 50%. Why does finding a good deal have to be so difficult?


“Fashion seasons make no sense.”


It’s August. You’re sweating in a heatwave; the world is sweltering around you. The heat shimmers off the roads and you’re running out of clothes, thanks to the endless wash cycles to keep yourself feeling fresh. So you head to the local mall and pick up a big, warm autumn coat and a scarf.


Hang on – no you don’t. Because it’s summer, and you need clothes for summer – but you’re sure going to be hard pressed to find them late in the season. Even if it’s still 30C, by the end of August, stores are switching to their autumn collections. The same happens in reverse, too – bikini shopping in February is perfectly plausible. It’s endlessly annoying for those of us who don’t buy our entire seasonal wardrobe months in advance. (So… most of us, then.)


Yet despite it all, we traipse on, because clothes shopping can be one of life’s little wonderful joys. Even if it does have the potential to make us want to scream with frustration sometimes.




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