Tips For Creating A Business That’s Inviting

by Oct 3, 2019Business

Opening up a business in a physical form of a shop, a restaurant or cafe, for example, is a big venture. You want to do the very best in how you present the space, the design of it, and ultimately getting customers through the door. So how can you create a more hospitable space? Here are some tips for a creating a business that’s inviting.



Welcome On Arrival

A customer likes to feel valued and more importantly that they’ve been noticed. You don’t want to go to the extreme of following them around the room as they’re browsing or looking at the menu. That can be off-putting, and there’s such a thing as personal space and you invading that space. But when a customer approaches your doors for the first time, have a welcoming face to greet them on arrival. They could hand them a basket, ask them how they are or to just say hello. It’s a small gesture, but one that will make them feel at ease.


The Design

The design and layout of your shop or establishment, in general, is important. The layout can play a big factor in how enjoyable their experience is from the time they arrive to the point they leave. For example, Perfect Practice offers the very best in design and fit-out services for surgeries. You may want to think about approaching a re-design of your venue and to fit it in a way that will work for what you’re trying to achieve. A cramped space or a poorly designed business is never going to go down well with customers who are only just experiencing it for the first time. First impressions do count, after all, so think about what budget you could put into re-designing your business as well as changing the layout to work better.


Train Your Staff Well

The staff that works in your building are just as important as the products or services you’re selling within the walls of the business. To create an inviting environment, you have to look at how your employees are behaving and whether they could be improving their approach towards customers and actively engaging in conversation with them. If there’s a specific style or way that you want to treat your customers, then ensure that all your staff is doing the same thing. Training your staff is one thing, but you also need to know that your staff is happy and that they enjoy working in the business. If they don’t, then try to discover as to why that’s the case. If you can fix it, then great but if you can’t, it might be time for them to find work elsewhere as it won’t be helping your business.


A business that’s inviting is likely going to make more money than one that isn’t. Think about what you’re presenting as a venue and how it can be improved. Whether it’s through the design, the employees, or simply changing the shop front. Put some passion into creating an inviting environment.


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