Unique Business Promotion Ideas To Try This Year

by Jan 11, 2018Business

If you are looking for a way to promote your brand or product this year, there’s no doubt that you have thought about handing out flyers or sending a funny card with your business details inside. But the time for boring marketing is gone, and in its place we can start thinking outside the box and having a bit of fun with it all.


One of the first examples of a clever promotion you could do is making a pick and mix selection to send out to your trusted clients. Remember that one of the main foundations of a successful business is maintaining a good relationship with your current clients, not just finding new ones. A fun idea for a Halloween promotion would be to make a pick and mix bag and have it as a trick or treat box. You can attach your business card to the bag along with a label which says trick or treat. Randomly make a batch of trick bags and treat bags like this:


Treat- classic childhood sweets, lots of candy and chocolate and sprinkles

Trick- candy spiders and gummy snakes, cotton candy ‘cobwebs’


Brand trickery


If you are a toothpaste brand you can make a clever promotion which focuses on sweet foods and drinks rather than toothpaste. For example, you can create a fun drink pouch design or ice cream scoop which looks fun and appealing to the client, and when they look inside there will be a toothbrush with the words ‘don’t forget’ with your brand logo on. It’s a way of making the connection between sugar and dental hygiene in a fun way.


A clever message


The best way that you can really stay in your customers minds is to make a statement and say something tangible. For example, Brussels airlines decide to do a campaign where they would raise awareness about pickpocketing. To do this, they had staff members stuff rubber hands into the pockets of airport goers as they walked around. When someone would find the hand, it would say on it “This hand just slipped into your back. Beware of Pickpockets.” It’s a clever way to share this message because they have shared it by demonstrating the danger of pickpocketing.


Shock factor


If the above example wasn’t enough for you, you could go one step further with shocking your audience by using their fear of having an infestation in the home. If you are an insect exterminator company, you could get rubber cockroaches printed with your contact information as well as a message ‘see how easy it was for me to get in your house?’. Slip these under people’s doors and they will be shocked into increasing their home security.


A reminder


One of the best ways to keep yourself in the minds of your customers is to create something which they can use every day, this is why so many companies send out pens and mugs to their customers. However, if you want to do something a little bit different, you could try a nail file. Most people will use a nail file now and again, and you can get them printed with a message. By adding a message that says ‘keep us on file’ along with your details, it can be a great way to connect with your audience.

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