Visiting South Carolina? Here’s How To Do It In Style

by | May 10, 2018 | Travel

South Carolina is a destination that should sit on everyone’s travel bucket lists. It’s near the coast and has plenty to offer for the millions of visitors that flock to the area each year. Still, if you’re going to visit this part of the world anytime soon, it’s imperative that you get those plans in good health.


Focus on these five elements, and you’ll be sure to have the trip of a lifetime.




Get The Journey Right


The best option depends on where you are travelling from, but there is no doubt that getting this aspect right is key. Organizing a killer road trip is certainly a great option for those living in neighbouring states. Whether taking this route or booking a flight, remember that comfort is king. If the journey is unpleasant, the thought of your return trip will play on your mind. Do not let this become an issue.


Wake Up To The Beautiful Coast


Accommodation choices are important for all vacations and breaks. However, if you’re heading to South Carolina, it’s not just about the comforts. Waking up to the beautiful sunrises is truly one of the greatest joys imaginable, which is why location is so key. Marriott’s Grande Ocean is the ideal place for this reason and so many more. If nothing else, it allows you to attack the day from the second you wake up. This will let you achieve so much more from your trip.


Build A Rough Itinerary


South Carolina boasts many great activities and things to do. These range from Broadway at the Beach to distilleries, botanic gardens and Charleston Old South carriage tour. There’s fun for all the family, including sports fans and adrenaline junkies. With this in mind, however, it’s imperative that you get organized. While you don’t need to plan your trip with tedious details, you should at least have a list of the priorities.




Visit Another City


Geographically, South Carolina is one of the smaller states in the country. This makes it an ideal place to explore with trips to multiple cities. Depending on where you base your stay, excursions to Columbia, Florence, or Greenville can be great ways to take the fun to another level. Meanwhile, you could get an even greater view with the help of Oceanfront Helicopters. While there will still be time to relax in the sun, getting to explore this wonderful territory is key.


Appreciate The Time Of Year


The Palmetto State is one that can provide bags of fun at any time you visit. However, the climate does vary from humid summers to mild winters. So, the time of your visit should have a huge impact on the things you pack. With the right clothing, beauty products, and accessories, you’ll gain maximum fun. With so many special events taking place at during the year, a little research could unlock once-in-a-lifetime moments too.


Do it well, and South Carolina will tick all the boxes on your list of holiday hopes.  Enjoy.


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