Warning Signs That A Marriage May Be Over

by Jun 1, 2017Guest Post, Life

For many people, the wedding day is one of the happiest events of their life. Sadly, despite the best efforts of both parties, the marriage may struggle in the long term. We are living in a society where the divorce rate is high, and the reasons for separation are many.


Where possible, it is advisable to save the union between man and wife. Divorce should never be taken lightly, and it may be feasible to mend any marriage problems. However, sometimes that bitter pill may need to be swallowed and acceptance that the partnership really is over.


If you are reading this article, you may be experiencing problems in your relationship. Do what you can to resolve your situation, even if you identify with the issues raised below. However, for some of you, it may be time to accept that your marriage is over. If that is the case, end your relationship peacefully with divorce mediation, for the sake of you and your family.


Here are some of the signs that may signify your marriage is sadly over.


You are no longer spending time together


If you or your partner are choosing to spend more time with other people than each other, there is clearly a problem between you. Perhaps you are spending longer at work. Or spending more time online than actually communicating with the person you once loved. If their presence in the room causes you stress and frustration, and you find yourselves constantly bickering, something is clearly wrong.


There may be an unresolved issue between you that can be discussed before the situation gets worse. However, if you have already decoupled and prefer not to be around your partner, you know your marriage is in trouble.


One of you refuses to try


A marriage needs work from both parties. There will be troubles along the way, despite the fairy tale dreams you may once have had. Unfortunately, if problems have arisen, such as sexual infidelity, there will be anger from the other cheated partner. We all make mistakes and sometimes they can be huge. In some situations, there can be a refusal to forgive and trust the other person again. No matter how resolute one person may be in making the marriage work, if the other no longer makes an effort, for whatever reason, it may be over.


There is a lack of respect


A healthy marriage requires mutual respect from both sides. You may be joined in marriage, but you are still separate people. However, if one side doesn’t respect the other person for who they are, there will be resentment and feelings of rejection from the wounded party.


There should also be a compromise, in everything from your sexual relationship to working on the chores. You may want to have children. But if your partner doesn’t for no good reason, other than they don’t want to, there is no compromise being met. Marriage is about give and take. If it is one-sided, with one person not having their needs being met, the relationship will turn toxic.




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