What Can Your Startup Do To Help Young People?

by | May 1, 2019 | Business

The youth of today has it tough. Whereas the university route used to be a sure fire way of entering a graduate level position with exceptional career prospects and a job for life, these days are long gone. There is much debate as to whether university is the right course for many young people. With an array of apprenticeships, on the job training, part time college courses and entry level positions, many young people wonder if the shed load of debt after graduation is really worth it. Young people often struggle to secure an entry level position into the industry where they see their career. As an entrepreneur, you can do your bit to help younger people in your community. While it might not be a massive money earner, it can cement your reputation as a caring, forward thinking and people focused employer.



Take On Apprentices


While you might be worried about securing the appropriately qualified staff for your new business venture, you should also consider taking on employees who you can shape and mould into your dream employees. More experienced candidates are fantastic to help your entity hit the ground running and compete with industry rivals, but you also need to have a team that echoes your ethos from the get-go. Consider taking on apprentices who will learn the ropes with you. All you need to do is provide day release where necessary and choose one of the many end point assessment organisations to ensure that your employees achieve their qualification.


Be A Mentor


Many young people see the road of entrepreneurship as a highly attractive employment option. However, there are very few mentors out there to talk to them, show them how it’s done and share experiences. As a mentor, you could go into schools to chat to students and promote the joys of self employment. You could offer shadowing and work experience opportunities. This empowers the individual turning up to your office, as well as allowing you to see potential new recruits in action. As a mentor, you need to lead by example and not sugar coat what being an entrepreneur entails. You need to be realistic and encourage self reflection to allow your mentees to make their own decisions.



Get Involved


As a new startup, it’s always a good idea to get involved in local community projects. If you’re interested in helping young people, make a youth based charity your focus for all fundraising events. Encourage your employees to go into schools and volunteer on trips, listen to kids read, and partake in after school clubs. You might want to fund a youth project and provide practical support. This might not be a direct money earner, but it’s a great PR tool, to demonstrate your credentials as a community focused startup. While the corporate world may take up the majority of your day, it can be rewarding to give a little back to the community in which you live.


Young people have it tough in the twenty first century. Competition for jobs is fierce, graduate debt is larger than ever, and job hunting is trickier than it has ever been. Be a beacon, and do your bit as a mentor, an apprenticeship provider and a force for good in your community to help the young people in your vicinity.



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