What Could Make Your Blog More Interesting?

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Business

Our corners of the online world, blogs behave in many different ways. They could be our diary that we add to every single day without any realization that thousands of people or more could be reading it. It’s a little time capsule, it can record your life as you grow which you may one day want to look back on much like you would a photo album. On the other hand you may wish to treat your blog like a window into your creativity and the things that really matter to you. Using as a megaphone you can declare to the world what your beliefs are and comment on important issues going on around the world. Sooner or later you’ll have a fanbase that checks in every day or every week to see what you’re up to. Content isn’t the only thing that is going to keep them interested in your blog, the user experience of your website also plays a large role in that. You may want to be incredibly creative with your website and implement many features that make your blog look alive. However this usually takes a lot of work from designers. So how could you go about making this real?



A pre-vision of categories


Most blogs have categories. They are folders essentially that have content pertaining to the same thing. For example, you might have a category that is titled ‘fashion’. Inside it you can talk about many things such as winter and autumn styles, but also clothing for pets, and babies. Well, how would anyone reading the category title know that it’s more than just fashion for adults? You may want an animation to run across the title when someone hovers over the category or subcategory. This animation could be a simple drawing that shows a woman wearing a dress, or a dog walking by with some shoes on. Give your fans a pre-vision to what is in store if they click on it. This is more likely to get people to click more often.


Easy to update


Websites need to update themselves all the time, especially if you have a blog that is ecommerce based. For example, you’re selling a product that is a lipstick. You have only just put this product on sale and the only image you have is the one the company you’re partnered with gave you. This could be the same old image that is taken from a photoshoot. However that looks quite corporate for a blog so you should try to take your own picture of the product. Using a creative web development company, your website can be designed so that updating your content is easily done through a modern CMS. engaging the customer with a rotating image that is 360 degree is also something you should consider doing using a web developer’s assistance.



Whether you have a blog that is purely for your mind to release thoughts and ideas, or an ecommerce shop that you wish to earn a living from, you can always implement creativity to help your fans enjoy the experience more. Start with animations for categories that show what’s inside when you click.


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