When Trying To Brand Your Firm, Go Authentic

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Business

Authenticity is something that client and customer bases worldwide are holding onto with a craving fervency. It’s not hard to understand why. Authenticity suggests soul, presence, and depth. It suggests excellence, yet that room for the human touch. In other words, it signifies that which we most enjoy in other people, personified into a corporate identity. When trying to brand your firm, it’s best to go authentic.


But of course, how are you expected to do this? Should you tweet using only first person language, or wear wacky and zany uniforms, or perhaps do everything you can to replicate old ideas instead of reaching for the new? Of course not. Innovation and authenticity are not mutually different things, but that’s also the case for tradition and authenticity. Authenticity, as a term, is something that must be understood when felt. For that, more context, and some useful advice, consider below:


Hire Real Graphic Designers


Hire a branding agency that knows what they’re talking about, with real graphic designers to offer their services or at least liaise with as they craft your final result. Too often do marketing businesses try to follow trends, or try to collect the best result using statistical analysis, in other words completely sucking the soul out of your creative ambition. This is not fun. It’s not fun for you, it’s not fun for those working on branding your business, and it’s not fun for the client seeing the overly sanitized end result you might have opted for.


No, use real graphic designers, or a firm that can offer them. Use those with the creative imagining you need, the ability to peer into your business standing and to craft an interpretation of that in your cohesive design. This allows you to:


Promote The Soul Of Your Business


What makes your business tick? What’s the vision behind it? Where were the humble beginnings, and how do you honour them? How might you honour your struggle, or the place where you’d like to end up? Why should people care about you as a face-led entity, rather than a faceless organization? And to summarize all that, how might it be that you present this in your branding? With humour? With creative flair? With a minimal yet lighthearted information dump? Remember the core of your business soul, and promote it. That’s the fastest avenue to authenticity.


Understand The Human Factor


Over analyzed marketing speak, an over-reliance on zany humor on your social media pages, or trying to hard can all come across as ignoring the human factor. Customers are intelligent, and they know when a press release, promotion or other form of marketing language has been carefully designed to elicit a reaction out of them. So why not just let your natural enthusiasm shine through? Allow them to come and find out what excites you so about your product. They truly will. Instead, spur their natural curiosity. You never know just how confident this can make your business seem.


With these tips, you’re sure to brand your firm effectively.



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