Why Gauging Employee Involvement Is Crucial To Success

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Business

Working for you there are many different personalities. They all may have the same goal in mind which is why they work for your business, in the industry that you’re in. they are professionals that also have their own interests in mind and could well be using your business as a stepping stone to further their career. Other times you have employees that are simply turning up for a paycheck and just do the minimum. At what point do you need to know how involved each employee is? Preferably you would like to know as soon as possible so you can make the right choices regarding promotions, who to put in charge of projects, who you can rely on to make it into work on time etc. Gauging who really has their heart and mind connected to their work is essential for any business owner and leader, as they can determine who they can ultimately trust. How do you go about doing this?



Sensing their temperament


Employees that you give orders to will have different reactions. Even if they are smiling in your face acting as if they care or take seriously what you’re saying, their body language and subtle verbal cues will give away their true feelings. If you are asking an employee to go over some work they have already done but it wasn’t up to the standard you would like, watch how they approach their work. See how they sit on their chair, whether it’s upright or laid back, watch their facial expressions, or perhaps subtle shaking of the head. Their temperament can also be estimated by how they behave toward other employees. Are they short with their answers? Could they possibly be trying to vent their frustrations onto other people? Just by watching and not saying anything you can see how their body language and verbalizations emit their true feelings about something.



Tracking and marking progress


Human resource departments are always trying to upgrade and improve their way or gauging employee performance. They aren’t just there to help resolve disputes, they are there to help measure how well an employee is doing. One of these systems is 360 Degree Feedback in which you can amalgamate data about employee attitude, behavior, performance and personality traits. You can see in various charts and texts how they interact with other employees, what their attitude is when the going gets tough and how much passion they show in their day to day work. It’s incredibly useful to have a system like this because you get to see in cold hard numbers and statistics, how involved your employees are with your business. It’s vital to your success that you have individuals that work for you pegged, and only promote those that consistently show adept involvement with their work.


How can you know who really deserves a promotion? Gauging how enthusiastic and professional employees are will help you determine who you can trust to lead projects, stay calm in tense situations and give their best to you every single day. Using a system to track progress is something you should invest in.


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