Why Trade Shows Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Business

Your business needs a marketing strategy. If you don’t have one and are happy to wing it, you won’t get the customers that you expect. 


Developing a great marketing program that enriches your brand can take a lot of time, effort, and research. It is, however, advantageous as it will pay dividends by providing you plenty of customers, and also an opportunity to understand all of their needs.


Go Where The People Are


It can be tempting in the days where everything is virtual, to not venture out into the real world and meet your customers face-to-face. Resist the urge to do this, and go out and meet them. 


There is probably a trade show for your specific industry, and you should be there, representing your brand. Get booked onto it, and start planning. 


Stand Out From The Crowd


You’ll need an impacting exhibition stand design that captures the attention of passers-by. There will be potentially thousands of visitors at the event, and your stand will be one of many. You will need to stand out from the crowd and provide a strong visual message about your brand.


Think about the message that you want your customers to take away from visiting you. Think about highlighting a specific product or service that you believe has a unique selling point. Engage with any visitors to your stand, using enthusiastic language.


Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say


Write a script for the event. Make sure you nail down the key points early. Tell your customers what they are going to see, then show them and explain it, and finally tell them again. Be very clear. 


Practice delivering your pitch in front of a mirror, or with friends and colleagues watching to give you a critique.  You need to sound confident but not aggressive. Certain, but not cocky. 


While you are talking about your product and brand, people will be judging these things based on you, so make sure you come across as being approachable and passionate. 




Show, don’t tell. If you can let people see how amazing something is, then why stand there explaining it to them? When something sells itself, all you need to do is let it do just that. Have demonstration models of your products available that can either be interacted with by the customers or very easily shown. 


Keep any communication during the demonstration to a minimum, maybe just highlighting some main points when needed. 


If you can include any of the unique selling points as a visual, then do so. Having flyers, banners, and video screens with simple points about your products or services will help get your point across. 


Being part of a trade show is not always about making sales there and then. You will be reaching out to other businesses that might want to work with you in the future. Give them something to take away to remind them of you. You never know when your next big customer might get in touch. 


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