Why You Need To Take Time Off For A Romantic Getaway

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Life

So it’s about that time when you feel exhausted, both mentally and physically. Work is stressing you out and leaving you feeling grouchy, and your other half doesn’t appreciate that – as they feel just as knackered! Well, have you ever considered taking some time off and escaping off to somewhere nice for a little while? Yes, booking time off work for your own personal pleasure! Yes yes, sounds crazy right? But listen – people do it all the time, so why can’t you? It could be a long weekend, a week or even more if that’s what you both need.


Professional couples nowadays seem to think that work is life, and everything else comes after (like trying to keep a family strong.) How are you able to nurture your relationship if you’re constantly busy all the time, and you pass out on the sofa on your days off? – It’s just not possible.


Whether you plan on going somewhere abroad, or just fancy a break away somewhere fancy like The Wood Norton – it doesn’t matter as long as you can relax and not have to worry about home or business life for now. All you have to do is focus on each other and enjoy your time together.

Here’s why.


You can reconnect.


You can have a real conversation without both feeling like you need to rush, and we all know the importance of communication. When was the last time you were actually able to sit down and have a chat and catch up with each other? … If you’re still thinking of the answer – you’ve already got it.

Getting away will essentially slow everything down, and then you can build up a tempo that suits you best. Talk over a glass of wine as you overlook the sea. Get to learn one another again.


You can be romantic.


It’s always nice to reminisce about the good old days that you had together, but sometimes that can make us miss what we had, as maybe life was a lot easier back then. So focus on creating new memories now – as many as you can. That way your happiness doesn’t feel like forever-ago. Instead, you’re living it right now.


You can fall in love again.


You may already have so much love for this person, but sometimes in life, that feeling becomes a routine, and although that doesn’t mean you love them any less – the fire that was once there may have disappeared. This can happen to anyone, so getting away from the usual living, and spending some time away in a beautiful location can create some sparks that will rekindle that flame.


You can get the passion back.


Because both of your energies are constantly being put on something other than each other, you will most likely feel too tired to even consider trying to be passionate. But if you get away from the daily grind, you will be able to do the little things together, like share a ready made breakfast in bed, take a candlelit bath together, or even give one another a massage… (cough)




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