Your Most Hated Office Problems Solved

by Jun 7, 2019Business

Offices don’t have to be places of perpetual frustration. But more often than not, for one reason or another, that’s how they end up. We toil with the same problems day after day, wishing (and sometimes knowing) that there was a better way of doing things.


In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into all your most hated office problems, and, of course, how to solve them.


Unread Emails


From the moment you step into the office, and sometimes before, your inbox starts pinging with emails. The problem with emails is that they’re both irresistible and the bane of your life. You hate reading through them, but when you get a notification to tell you a new email has arrived, there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself from opening it. After all, it might be something important.


Your email problems might seem intractable, but they’re not: you just need the right help. It turns out that you can now outsource email management. Somebody else will read through your emails and then mark those at are a priority.


Printer Costs



While the idea of going paperless might seem like a good one, the reality of running a business is that this is not always possible. In other words, you still need your printer. But there’s a problem: replacement ink cartridges: why do they have to be so expensive?


The good news is that you can get cartridges for less, so long as you don’t go to the printer brand itself. 123Inkjet Cartridges says, for instance, that it’s possible to buy third-party ink at a much lower price than going direct. And the best thing about it? It’s the same quality as that which you’d get if you went straight to the manufacturer.


Managing Holidays


Managing staff holidays can be a nightmare, especially if you’re trying to do it by hand. You don’t want to have to shut down your business for weeks in the summer, but sometimes it seems as if you’re going to have to.


Don’t suffer doing things manually any longer: start using software that will tell you who can take time off, and when, based on the function that they provide for your company. If you’ve got two customer service reps, then annual leave management software will automatically give you dates that either member of the team can take off. When you do agree holiday dates with staff, you simply fill out the calendar and create a permanent record of upcoming vacation time.


Entering Data


Companies need to enter data for all kinds of reasons, including paper surveys. But data entry is a bore, and slow if you’re not used to it.


Don’t want to spend your days doing something somebody else can do faster? Then don’t: outsource your data entry tasks to a third-party firm that can take care of the whole lot for you. Work smarter, not harder.


Do you have any niggling problems in your office you wish you could magic away?



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