On your perfect day, everything has to go perfect: the dress, the table settings, the flowers and the colors; the guests, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and the sponsors. But sometimes, something (or someone) has to rain on your wedding parade.

Some of these problems are even beyond the scope of a wedding planner. Instead of letting this bad moment get recorded by the photographer or videographer from SparkWeddings.com, you need to think quick and come up with solutions on the fly.

Don’t let these wedding day mishaps further ruin the day. Here are ways you can circumvent the situation.


Problematic Guests

From the ceremony to the reception, there will always be that one guest who might be causing chaos without them knowing it. A flower girl having temper tantrums, for example, might seem cute the first time, but the more it drags on, the more it can get irritating. The same goes for the friend who had one-too-many cocktails or the irascible in-laws. Some may even hijack the wedding during the “speak now” part of the ceremony.

Always make sure that every guest invited would cooperate during the ceremony. For kids who don’t want to walk the aisle, let their parents carry them during the procession or let them skip altogether. Better the latter than a crying baby ruining the solemnity of the event. Ask your bartenders to give the adults as many drinks as possible without getting them too drunk. And make sure you don’t invite any exes who might still be nursing their wounds.


The Ironic Weather

Rain or snow on your wedding day can ruin any outdoor ceremony or reception. As such, you need to be prepared should unexpected inclement weather happens. Make sure that there’s a nearby place where an indoor ceremony and reception can be done during the drizzle. In light rains, sometimes having umbrellas and towels to wipe the seats can still create a magical wedding moment.

However, prioritize the safety of everyone when said weather becomes a natural disaster. It’s time to disregard how much you want the wedding to happen or how much you (or your parents) have paid for the wedding to happen. Make sure everyone gets home safely before the disaster strikes.


Embarrassing Toasts

It’s okay to get roasted during the toast—it’s a rite of passage, after all. However, it’s not okay if the maid of honor/best man is instead embarrassing you and/or themselves. Instead of trying to dredge through an awkward, tacky toast, screen their toasts in advance and give them toasting guidelines they can adhere to. Also, schedule the toasts before dinner, so that they won’t be too slurred or drunk during the speech. If in case they’ve become embarrassingly awkward in their speech, better ask the DJ to cut their speech short before things get out of hand.


Wedding Crashers



Be on the lookout for unexpected guests. Some of these wedding crashers include scorned exes, friends you forgot to invite, friends you intentionally left out, or just plain strangers who got to the wrong wedding space. Make sure that your invitation clearly states there are no plus ones or your guests need to respond to the RSVP, otherwise they won’t be let in. Having a doorman or a wedding bouncer, while very unorthodox, can be the solution to prevent any uninvited guests from entering the area. They were uninvited for a reason; if they do manage to sneak in, you can peaceably ask them to leave or passive-aggressively embarrass them.

Don’t let one or two of these mishaps ruin your big day. Always be prepared and make sure you have emergency measures to prevent them from becoming disasters.


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