Better Ways To Manage Your Low Days In Business

by Jul 8, 2019Business

Running a business; it’s a rollercoaster, right?


You will face good days; those days when everything seems to go in your favor. You win a new client. You turn in excellent work. Your bank manager doesn’t send you a threatening letter about your finances… good times!


Then there are those low days when you probably start to resent beginning a business in the first place. You lose a client. You can’t get started with the work you have to do. You face problems in the office. And your blasted bank manager does send you a threatening letter about your finances…bah!


But here’s the thing to help you in business; it’s what you do on these low days that count.


Handling them the wrong way, you could stop working for the day because you’re fed up. You could beat yourself up about your weaknesses. You could dwell on thoughts of a life without a business. And you could send an aggressive email to your bank manager that you might later regret. Consequently, your business might suffer.


You see, in business you need to expect the low days, but there are better ways to handle them.


Know that you aren’t alone. Don’t wallow in your own misery. If you are having a tough time, pick up the phone and talk to a friend or family member. If you know anybody else in business, either speak to them for advice or vent your frustrations to them, as they are bound to know how you feel. A conversation with another might give you a better perspective on how you’re feeling, so don’t give up!


Seek professional help. No, we aren’t necessarily talking about seeing a psychiatrist or a counsellor, if that is what came to your mind when reading ‘professional help.’ While there is no shame in doing so, especially if you are struggling mentally with the demands of running a business, we are actually talking about your office problems. When you don’t have the capacity or skills to cope with something, seek help from the relevant people. Struggling with your computer? Seek IT support from companies such as Houk Consulting. Having a hard time with your taxes? Talk to an accountant. And because we don’t have the space to mention every issue you might ever face in business, Google whatever your problem is and find the right person to help. 


Have a glass-half-full mentality. There will be days when things do go wrong, but should you let them get on top of you? No! Be positive, and rather than succumb to your problems, rise up to the challenges you encounter and face them head-on instead. You should also remember the many aspects of your day that are going well, so while there will be setbacks, there should hopefully be high points too. Think on these things, even if they are outweighed by the negatives, and be grateful for them. 


Remember it’s not the end of the world. You lost a client? That’s annoying, but the sky won’t fall down on you. The sky won’t fall down on you if your computer blows a fuse, either. Consider the same for any of your problems during your day. Sure, you might face inconveniences; some of which will be worse than others. But considering our brains tend to distort reality, by taking the time to get perspective, you might actually discover your day isn’t so bad after all. 


So, are you having a low day?


Don’t fret; follow our suggestions, and as red-headed Annie once sang, remember that tomorrow is only a day away. We hope you have a better one!


Take care, and thanks for reading!


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