Flight Phobic? Winter Holiday Destinations You Can Drive To

by Oct 18, 2017Travel

Aerophobia; the fear of flying. It can begin when you’re a child and have yet to even set foot on an aircraft. Or it develops as an adult, when you’ve flown for thousands of miles, but you suddenly realise that flying is terrifying. If you want to travel and experience the world, aerophobia is just about the worst phobia to have.


It’s a phobia that many travellers force themselves to move past. They do what they can to control the fear response, then spend the first day of their holiday recovering from the trauma. When the choice is either “don’t ever go on foreign holidays” or “get over it”, it’s no surprise that most people choose the latter.


Nevertheless, aerophobia isn’t fun; you’ll know this if you harbour your own flight phobia. It might be something you deal with, but you’re never going to be truly comfortable when aboard an aircraft. Perhaps you’re going through the same ritual of convincing yourself it will all be fine as you plan a winter holiday for late this year, or the start of 2018– forcing yourself to batter down the old fear once again. If this is the case for you it might be reassuring to learn that you don’t have to fly to find the perfect active winter holiday. Here are three destinations you can drive to — provided you take the Channel Tunnel — and experience an exciting winter holiday, without the need for fear.




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Drive Time From London: Six and a half hours (to Val de Wanne)


There are a variety of ski resorts located throughout Belgium, but if you’re looking for a relatively short journey, then look no further than Val de Wanne. With a maximum elevation of 480m, there’s plenty of exciting slopes for even the keenest of skiers.


The drive time is impressively short, too, especially if you live in the southern parts of the UK.




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Drive Time From London: 14 hours

Nestled between Spain and France, Andorra is a little-known country that any winter holiday enthusiast will love. If you’ve a passion for winter sports, then Andorra ski holidays won’t let you down; there’s plenty of peaks to explore, and a picturesque chalet scene where you can recuperate.


Obviously, the drive time is long and potentially arduous. The best route will take you through France, but then again, that needn’t be such a bad thing! If you stay overnight around Lyon, then you can break the trip up, and arrive fresh and ready to hit the slopes.


Via Lattea, Italy


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Drive Time From London: 12 hours.

It would be impossible to talk about European skiing destinations without a mention for Italy. The northern slopes of Via Lattea have plenty to offer you; in fact, the facilities are so good that they were used for much of the 2006 Winter Olympics!


The drive is long, but an overnight stop in Switzerland could be the perfect solution to this.


So while you may be in for a long road trip, one of the above destinations will allow you to have your winter fun, without having to worry about the stress of a flight!


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