Parenting as Children Grow Older

by Mar 25, 2019Life

It can be easy to feel like knowing how to parent and doing it well should just come naturally to us all. But really, the truth is that every family and parent will learn as they go because all parents are different and all children are different; one size definitely doesn’t fit all. And while children don’t come with any instructions, there are some specific or set stages to growing up that they will all go through. So having a basic knowledge of child development can really help as it can give some indicators and help you to set realistic expectations. It can gauge you in the ways to encourage positive behaviour in children and can help you to feel more prepared for the challenges that come as children change and grow.



When you parent as children grow it can look different for different people, but there are some key things. You are likely to start trying new strategies for being able to manage behaviour, and you can look for different parenting tools and information online to help. The great things about the rise of blogs and vlogs is that you can hear more opinions and experiences on things, so there is hopefully something that you can learn from. You are also likely to look for help on how to nurture children as they grow; it can all take some patience and learning new things.


Having ‘false starts’ and setbacks can be a pretty natural part of growing up, for both children and their parents. The important thing is that you need to keep learning about parenting as your children grow and not just think that you’re done when they’ve made it to school age. And if you are expanding your family, then switching up what you do over time, as well as trying new things for each child (they’re all different), should be part of having a new child and a family growing, as much as looking for a used Vauxhall Astra GTC or new family car to fit you all in. Being open to new things can be a good idea too, and not just sticking to what you’ve done in the past and what you already know.


Having some new and interesting things to do to support your child’s learning can be an important step in preventing any problem behaviour in children. How about trying some of these things, so that you can share some quality time with your children, even when you are out and exploring.


  • Make sure that you always have things with you when you are out and about. Simple things like packing a bag of toys or some colours and notepad can make a difference.
  • When you’re travelling, use the time to talk to each other about how you’re feeling, as well as using the time in a car or on a train to play games.
  • Even doing chores around the house can be something all family members can get involved in. It could be helping toddlers to join in, talking to little ones about what you are doing, and making sure that older children are doing their share.



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