Owning a property has lots of perks. But it becomes a problem when you have unwelcome guests going in and out of your estate. Not only can they wreak havoc on and damage some parts of your property, but they can also cause safety issues if you or a tenant is already occupying the space.

People trespass properties and squat for different reasons. Some intend to steal your possessions, while others have ill intentions toward the residents of the property. Other times, they are people needing a place to reside or do illegal activities. No matter their reasons, your main priority is to keep them out of your property, but how?


Secure your real estate property

The best way to prevent bad guys from entering your property is bysecuring it. Make sure to lock the estate and don’t let anyone, aside from authorized people, have access to the property. Installing security cameras can help you monitor the property and keep an eye on it even when you’re away. Check the property regularly and hire someone to watch over it on your behalf if possible.


Know the rights of tenants who are no longer paying rent

Is your problem a tenant’s inability to pay their rent? Then you have a list of things that you can and cannot do to evict them. For one, you are not legally allowed to intimidate or threaten them to pay up. You are also not allowed to lock up their possessions or cut their utilities due to their inability to pay their rent. What you can do is to give notice of eviction and follow the laws of your state when filing a case.


Hire a traveller eviction company

If asking your tenant or the squatter to leave proves to be a difficult thing to do, don’t lose hope. Hire a traveller removal company to do the job for you. They can handle it the legal way and save time and money in the process. You can save yourself from the trouble of dealing with difficult people and make sure that you’re safe while the eviction process is ongoing.


Document everything

Keep a record of all the communications you have had with your unwanted guests. This will be enough proof that you gave them enough time to leave your property and possibly pay for the damage they incurred during their stay. Make sure that you remain calm and civil during the interaction. If ever you end up in a dispute, you’ll have enough evidence to provide to the legal authorities.


Offer a formal lease agreement

Sometimes, you can turn this situation into something that will benefit you in the process. Offer the traveller or squatter a formal rental agreement. This will give them a legal right to stay in the property. Of course, they will need to abide by the rules they have signed on the lease agreement. You get to acquire a tenant, while they get a place to stay.

Evicting someone from your property is not always an easy thing to do. The good news is that you can still do something about this and keep unwanted individuals out of your property.


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