A hiking holiday is something that outdoorsy travellers love to do wherever they are in the world, and the beauty of our planet is there are great trails no matter which country you’re in. Hiking offers something a little different from your standard beach holiday. It gives you the chance to explore parts of the country not everybody sees as they pass through. But, like any holiday, one based around hiking comes with things you need to consider. 


Do You Have the Lungs for It?


Some hikes are easy and some are not so easy. Depending on your fitness and skill level, you’ll pick a walk that reflects this. However, in some places, such as Machu Picchu, the elevation can affect your performance regardless of how fit you are.  


If you are concerned about this, consider a consultancy with services such as Medical Covidien who can help you get to the bottom of any respiratory problems and offer support before you leave. They may be able to provide advice and even medication to take should you need it. 


One More Step


Considering how much walking you’ll be doing every day (hint: it’s a lot), you need the right gear to make sure you don’t suffer blisters, cramps, and other potential pain around the feet and ankles. 


Before leaving, get yourself a pair of good quality walking shoes or boots that offer support and ventilation to prevent overheating. If you can get a waterproof pair, this could also prove beneficial. However, if you’ve not got the space in your backpack for hiking shoes, you may be able to rent them from a local shop. It’s best not to rely on this, though. 


Location, Location, Location


When venturing into the wilderness, you need to follow the trail, but what happens when you get lost? The more overgrown parts of the world make it easy to get lost. It’s important not to stray even a little far from the trail, but more importantly, is letting people know where you are going and what time you intend to return. 


Whether it’s telling friends and family or people at your hostel or hotel, this allows people to raise the alarm should you fail to return in time. Even if you are just running a little late, having people searching for you minimises the risk of you getting lost. 


Anywhere to Rest Your Head


For longer, overnight hikes, you must remember to bring something with you for you to sleep at the end of the day. Those doing a hiking tour often have tents or cabins readily organised, but for solo travellers or small groups, you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and your tent. 


Typically, there will be designated campsites for you to bed down for the night, but for more adventurous hikers, you’ll likely need to find a clearing and make sure you don’t get any curious wildlife coming your way. 


Taking a Hike


If you’re a fan of exercise, the great outdoors, and pushing yourself for a reward that you can’t get lounging on a sunbed, a hiking holiday is the perfect way for you to spend your next trip. However, it’s important to remember these essentials if you want it to be enjoyable and safe. 



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