Going backpacking? Great! It’s the biggest adventure you’ll ever have. You’ll learn so much about yourself, gain a new understanding of the world, but you’ll have plenty of incidents where you’ll have to fly by the seat of your pants! You’ll be late for trains, and have to make a 3-mile dash to somewhere and arrive with seconds to spare! It’s all part of the fun of being out in the world though. But if you’re going away for some time, you always need to make sure you prepare properly! For new backpackers, here is my handy quick guide to the basics before you go.


Based on where you would like to go, your best option is to get a feel for somewhere before you’ve even set foot on the plane. Subscribe to travel blogs and get as much information on the place as possible, because as great as Paris is from the view of the Eiffel Tower, it doesn’t give you a wider knowledge of the city. So get to know the place before you go there. Of course, the more you can save, the better, but you don’t want to run into problems by losing your money, or having it stolen! So get yourself a secure satchel with a small padlock will make for a less stressful journey. It’s always handy to have some scanned copies of your travel documents attached to your email account or saved on your smartphone. It’s just another layer of security and peace of mind. As well as the money and documents, it is a good idea to have additional funds on a credit card, just in case. And you can apply for credit card with travel insurance coverage which will cover incidents like personal accidents. The idea is just to layer up your precautions, so every avenue is covered. Preparation is the most important thing, especially when you’re traveling alone.

Staying Healthy

Depending on the country you plan on traveling to, you may find yourself sensitive to certain foods or drinking water that is unpurified. You need a good canister of water on your person and a pack of water purifier tablets. That way, if you are in the middle of nowhere, you can always drink healthy water. Being hydrated is the most important thing wherever you go, so whenever you’re making a pit stop, fill up your water canister. If you take medication, you will need to take it with you in its original packaging and make sure to have a copy of your prescription which will cut down on issues at the airport if you get stopped and questioned. But make sure to store it in your overhead luggage for easy access. For an area that is a malaria zone, you will need to take anti-malaria pills, and so you will need to book an appointment with your doctor to discuss this in more detail and to find out when you should start to take the tablets.

Backpacking alone is a wonderful thing but make sure to be safe and get prepared for the journey that lies ahead!