For many years, business owners mistakenly believed that the ‘perfect’ working environment was one of rigidity and order. This led to office spaces that were dull and unwelcoming, which over time, had an impact on both employee satisfaction levels and productivity. 
Changes in workplace culture, particularly during the pandemic, have proven that the best working environments are those that feel bright and welcoming. This is because a well-designed office helps “people feel better, healthier and therefore more content while at work.”

As a result, here are some top tips that you can use to make your office a more welcoming (and productive) space. 

Keep it clean. 

Utilising commercial cleaning services is one of the easiest ways to make your office more welcoming, due to the fact that it shows that you are investing in the health and safety of your employees. This is particularly important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic when we are more concerned than ever before about cleanliness and germs. Furthemore, this is also a great way to keep clutter at bay, which is scientifically proven to lower productivity by acting as a visual distraction. 

Make the most of natural light. 

Making the most of natural light is not only a great way to make your office look more bright and open, but it will also go a long way toward making your office more welcoming. This is because “natural light boosts the mood-enhancing brain chemical, serotonin” in our bodies, which makes us feel more relaxed and comfortable. As a result, we feel naturally more ready to handle whatever the day may throw at us; be that a complicated project or big business meeting. 

Focus on the break room. 

When renovating your office it’s easy to focus on workspaces or areas where you may entertain clients, meaning that the break room gets neglected. However, this space is essential when it comes to maintaining employee morale as it provides them with a space to truly kick back and relax during their break. As a result, a well-designed and stocked break room can also reduce burnout. Thankfully, there are various ways in which you can improve your breakroom, you simply need to focus on making it comfortable as opposed to merely functional. For example, instead of grouping a few tables together, why not give employees a range of seating options to choose from, such as sofas and bean bags?

Paint the walls a bright colour. 
Did you know that the colours we are surrounded by have an impact on our mood and psyche? This theory is known as colour psychology, and has been used by interior designers to create welcoming spaces for decades. As a result, those looking to make their office feel a little more welcoming may want to repaint their walls a gentle colour such as yellow. This is because shades of yellow symbolise happiness, warmth and relaxation. As a result, they can subconsciously lower stress levels and make employees feel more relaxed whenever they sit behind their desks. If you don’t want to repaint the walls entirely, find ways to subtly incorporate these colours throughout the office – such as through accents, cushions or other fixtures.