If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you rely on people coming into your business to buy your products or services. You might also be online, but you probably don’t rely on online sales to keep your business afloat. Increasing foot traffic to your business may be essential if you want it to stay running. If you want to get more people coming into your store, whether they plan to come or just step in as they walk past, you need to know how to tempt them in. You can use lots of different techniques to get more people to come to your business.


Redesign Your Shopfront

The first thing people will see when approaching your business is what it looks like from the outside. Even if they’ve planned to come inside, they could be discouraged if it’s not what they were expecting. Redesigning your shopfront could help you to give your business a makeover and make it more attractive. There are plenty of services that make shop signs for retail businesses so you can have a new sign made for your shopfront. You can also do something as simple as repainting or hanging a new sign to give your business a new look.

Create Great Window Displays

People outside your business will also be able to look inside, assuming you have windows facing the street. What they see can influence whether they want to come inside or not. If you run a store, creating interesting window displays can be key to getting people who are walking past to come inside. Even if your business is something like a cafe or restaurant, you can still think about what people will be able to see as they stand by your windows. Your window displays should give an idea of what can be found inside.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Host Local Events

If you want to think of something to draw people to your business, there are certain things you could start doing. One option is to use your business to host events that will bring in local people. You could host workshops or seminars, or community events that people might be interested in. The events might be related to your business or they might be something different. For example, book shops might host readings or signings from authors or florists could host flower arranging workshops. But you could also host events that aren’t directly related to what you do.

Use Local SEO

Even though you want people to come through your door, it’s still important to be online. People still search online for local businesses, so you need to help them find you. Good local SEO will help you to make sure that your business will be there when people search for the products or services you offer. Start by getting a Google My Business page if you don’t already have one, so you will show on maps when relevant keywords are used.

If you want more foot traffic for your business, use techniques to increase both planned visits and visits from people walking past.