A bright and open office can help people to be more productive. If an office feels cramped and lacking in space, it’s not very conducive to hard work. Making your office light and airy helps to make it a more calming and peaceful space that encourages focus and productivity. Both corporate offices and home offices can benefit from some of the same design principles. If you’re hoping to make improvements to your office and ensure it’s a comfortable place to work, you can use a number of design ideas to achieve this. Here are some of the steps you can take to create a brighter and more open office space.

Choose a Simple Colour Scheme

Sticking with a simple colour scheme is usually the best way to help make your office as bright and airy as possible. If there are too many colours, it can make everything look smaller. A neutral colour scheme is a good choice if you want everything to look bright and fresh. But if you want to use your brand colours, you can incorporate them too. Use them as accents to bring some colour into your neutral colour scheme. Or if your brand colours are light, they might make good choices for your main colours.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Find Open Ways to Zone Spaces

Open-plan spaces can make offices look larger, but sometimes you also want to zone your office into different spaces. If you want to give more definition to different workstations or areas, there are ways to do it while keeping your office open. You can use rugs as a simple way to create different zones, for example. Another way to divide up your space is to use dividers or screens. You can get ones that let light flow through them so that they don’t just create a series of small and cramped spaces.

Use Natural Materials

Using natural materials is a great way to make an office seem light and airy. They often have naturally light colours to them and they give spaces more of a natural feel. You could add some style to your office by using a timber cladding system that’s decorative and can also help to control office noise. With timber slats, you get the benefit of light and air coming through them. Consider using natural materials in a number of different ways to help keep your office as light and breezy as possible.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Keep Windows Clear

Keeping your office’s windows clear will help to let light in and ensure your office isn’t too dark. You might be tempted to have some decorative items in front of your windows, but it could just prevent your office from looking its best. If you want to let light in but keep your office private, there are a few options. You can frost your windows to create more privacy or select blinds or other window dressings that still let the light through.

A bright and open office can improve productivity. You can achieve a more open office with a few tips and tricks that could transform how the space feels.