Despite the onset of modern technology, that has bulldozed barriers and opened up a new world to everyone with photos, videos and so much knowledge about other cultures. However, nothing is as great as seeing, touching, feeling and experiencing the real thing. No matter how advanced technology has gotten, the world is still as large as it’s ever been, and thanks to the global productivity, many countries have opened their door. We’ve all wanted to travel around the world at some point in our lives because as human beings we have an inherent curious nature. Many people around the world are brave enough to travel the world with just a backpack. They get to taste strange and wonderful food, meet people who may not speak the same language as them but are on friendly and willing to help them. The journey is somewhat spiritual, finding yourself, who and what you are. However, before anyone can get up and go, leaving their home behind, they need to have precautions in place, so every eventuality is prepared for. 

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Funding the trip

Nothing in life is free, and so you need to know how much money you have available to spend around the world. Moreover, bear in mind that as you hop borders, your currency will need to exchanged, so factor into your amount the US Dollar rate. Dependant on how much money you have at your disposal, and without putting your living standard in jeopardy, the amount will determine how far and how long you can travel. The key is to get enough money that can sustain you while living properly in hotels and bed and breakfasts for two weeks. Because you’ll be sleeping where you can, this limit is actually increased because you won’t be paying those standards. Use this as a benchmark, because if you can pay for accommodation for a fortnight, chances are that you can pay for cheap hostels, small rooms and private rooms given to your from the kindness of someone’s heart, for a lot longer.  

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Going through legalities

If you’re a foreigner to the USA, you need to apply for a tourist or travel visa, and if you intend to fund your trip by doing odd jobs, you need to inform the embassy in the United States of your country that you will be doing so. You won’t be given a work visa, but you will be notified of the proper legal actions you must follow if you’re going to work. Equally, when applying for a visa, inform the embassy, that you will be coming to the U.S. to travel and backpack, therefore you don’t want to have tough restriction on when you have to board the flight home. If you’re a native to the country, none of this applies, however, you must inform your place of work that you’re going to need to leave for an extended period of time. If you’re working under a contract, then you may be obligated to finish the term you have signed to. It’s not necessary to inform your insurance provider that you intend to travel, but make sure that no legal responsibility is working against your favor because some insurance plans will only cover you if you’re harmed due to no fault of your own. 

Packing mindful information

You don’t need to carry the world on your back, just the essentials; something many people all too often don’t do. First and foremost, take with you some form of I.D. so when you cross border lines, your origin can be proved. Pack but secure your wallet. Try not to take any credit cards with you and only take hard cash, this way access to your bank account is not at risk. If you have any medical issues, for example, if you suffer from a heart condition, take your health card with you. This is so if you should collapse or become incapacitated, strangers coming to your aid, can know exactly what kind of health condition you have, and then relay that information to the incoming paramedics. It saves time, and it could save your life. 

Travel insurance

Consider getting travel insurance to cover you while you travel. These kinds of insurance plans are short-term and can, in fact, be cheaper than your main health care insurance provider should you get injured. Relatively cheap, the entrance fees are cheaper than most additions to your main plan because getting harmed while traveling in another state, up to a mountain side, in freezing temperatures, while sailing, hang gliding, in the woods, etc, is just some things that health insurers cover. However you might be doing these activities during your travels, so getting travel insurance covers any possible physical impairments. Also, your possessions will be valued and covered in similar fashion. The items you take with you will be counted, listed, and priced by the insurance company and dependant on the surcharges; the total will slightly more than the total. 

Financial safety net

If you’re in sudden need of money, because your cash or wallet may have gotten lost or possibly stolen, a personal loan can come to your rescue. Many short term loans have a high acceptance rate, and the money can be in your bank account within hours or days. Companies like Personal Money Store offer short term money solutions, which take minutes to apply for. You’ll get an instant decision based on the information you provide and also set up a repayment program that could have you repay the loan in a few weeks. After a credit score check, that all loan companies do, upon a satisfactory score, loans up to $1000 are available. Before applying, however, check the APR rates are something that you can cope with. 

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Working on the road

Many backpackers find solace in the fact that many places they’ll visit have jobs for travelers looking to make a little money on the way. There are lots of jobs like waiting at cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. You can clean dishes, mop floors and wipe counters for kitchens in hotels. Bartending jobs are very alluring because travelers get to meet new people, be along for the ride at parties in different cultures and states, as well earn decent money through the generosity of customers giving you tips. By searching online, you can find the nearest backpackers guide list or information center that can give you directions as to where to apply for jobs. Most companies that cater for backpackers also have schemes that they are partnered with real businesses, so rather than applying and waiting, some companies offer immediate work. Be sure to check the rates of these companies and how much the employer has agreed to pay. No formal contract is going to be signed so make sure to protect yourself from your labor being exploited. 

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Fast travel methods

Along the path of individual journey, you’ll need to decide where to go next. America is very connected, but if you’re in Florida, and want to go to California, taking the wrong kind of travel will add multiple days to your travel. This means that inefficient transport will eat into the days you could be exploring a particular city or countryside. Sometimes this kind of knowledge is only passed on through word of mouth by other travelers, but you can be smart about it and cut straight to the chase. Internet cafes are cheap and plentiful so book a spot so you can work out where and how to get there. Plane tickets are expensive but convenient, and train journeys factor in distance and time, so although you may get to your destination in hours to a couple of days, the price may be almost as much as a flight. Coach services that travel from state to state are perhaps the best alternative. They’re cheap, and although traveling by road, the companies specialize in knowing the best routes which take up the minimum of time.