For some folks, the idea of travelling the world, seeing new and exciting places and having amazing experiences is their ultimate dream. But for others, the thought of travelling around a lot seems overwhelmingly stressful. After all so much can go wrong, can’t it? Well, I’m living proof that travelling does not have to be stressful, and can actually be really fun. All you need to do is be aware of a few things before you go to make it as chilled as possible. Read on to find out what they are. 

You need to be aware of the law of the country before you go 

It goes without saying really that you need to have a good grasp of the law of any country that you are going to be visiting. Why? Well, it can certainly help you keep out of trouble. 

You may not this is a big deal, but if you look into it, you will find that in some places, especially in the Middle East have a strict code for the way that you need to dress and the type of affection that is acceptable in public. This couple in Dubai found out to their detriment, after the fact. 

So remember, knowing the laws of the land is just part of keeping yourself safe and ensuring your trip is as stress-free as possible. 

You need to know what documentation you need 

Another aspect of ensuring your trip is stress-free is knowing what type of documentation you need to have to gain entrance into each of the countries that you are visiting. Remember this often depends on where you are travelling from, and the agreement that your home country has with the host nation. 

This is true all across the world, and many folks have visa waivers to gain entry to Canada, which you can find out more about on the Canadian ETA website. In addition, some will need at ETAIS to get into Europe ego tantrism or business purposes. 


Not having the right document when you arrive at customs isn’t fun. As at best it can result in long delays, and at worst, being deported back to your own country. With no refund for the money that you have spent on the trip. Which is, of course, just about the most stressful thing I can think of!

You need to be aware of how the emergency services work 

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Lastly, you can seriously reduce any traveling stress by breeding yourself on how the emergency services work in the area that you are visiting. This includes knowing the correct number such as 911, 999, 112, etc. If you think, you might not remember right in an emergency then write it it on card along with some key phrases and put it in you wallet. 

You also need to be up to speed on whether you are entitled to free medical care in the country you are visiting or whether it is dependent on insurance. If it’s the latter, you need to plan ahead and get the best insurance possible for your trip. Thus putting to rest the worry about the worst happening.